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Located in central NSW, Tullamore is an hour away from both Parkes and Forbes and is a little more than 1.5hours drive from Dubbo.

Tullamore is the prefect destination if you want to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Enjoy a meal the pub, play lawn bowls, swim in the pool or just lay under the huge gum trees in the park and watch time go by. There are also farm tours and a brand-new sporting complex for games of tennis, basketball or show off your latest tricks at the skate park.

Don’t be fooled by our small population, because we have a lot to offer.  Tullamore is famous for Irish festival that ran for 15 years and our latest claim to fame was when Jimmy Barnes included Tullamore on his tour and sang his heart out to 5500 people in Pola Park.

So don’t just drive by, stay a night and become a local.


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